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Equipment Requirements


Project Reconnect was originally developed for small rural communities. It has reached beyond small communities to major towns and even suburban congregations without a minister in major cities.  Use is limited only by your imagination and circumstances. We suggest the simplest possible equipment to minimise the technical challenges. If you can play a DVD at home you can run a service with the assistance of Project Reconnect.


 We recommend:

1. A standard TV with good sound. A larger screen will give best results for a larger group. If you have a large space to fill it may be useful to add a quality speaker. The TV must also have RCA inputs (at least) to enable a DVD player to be connected.

2. A DVD player which states on the box (or in the manual) that it is capable of reading DVD-R or  DVD+R disks. A well-tried combination is the 43 inch Soniq 43 TV and a Samsung Blue Ray player ($89). Any cooperative 12 year old should be able to put it together.

3. A stable TV trolley or strong table. Trolleys are usually better as they provide space for both DVD player and TV and can be wheeled around.


If you are buying your TV now you might go for the widescreen format


If you have a cooperative 12 year old or like fiddling around with technology then it is entirely up to you what set up you use. We would be glad to hear your experiences so we can tell others. 


Digital Projectors

Digital projectors and a laptop computer will provide excellent results if you have a large space to fill and financial/technical resources. 




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