Navigating the Weekly Posts

The Home page has the six most recent posts in reverse date order. Each post contains a sermon, all age message, and an information sheet. Click on the Sunday of your choice

To VIEW a sermon or all-age message click the triangular PLAY button (see red circle below). You can expand the video to full screen at any time by clicking on the “four arrows” button (see yellow circle below) and return to half-screen by clicking the “four arrows” button again.

To DOWNLOAD a sermon or all-age message click on the “Download from Vimeo” button and you will have the option of file size. Small file sizes have quicker download but less resolution – suitable for personal viewing on a computer screen. Large file sizes take longer to download but give better resolution for large screens. Once downloaded, the file can be stored or imported directly into presentation software such as PowerPoint .

To download the INFORMATION SHEET, click on the download button and print if required

Each post is tagged with a liturgical year, (A, B or C), Season and Presenter, and clicking on the year, post or presenter will give you a list of posts you may explore back to March 2021. For messages before March 2021 go to the Archives links on the home page.

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