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Project Reconnect provides a series of worship resources based on the Revised Common Lectionary. The Revised Common Lectionary is a planned set of readings over a three-year cycle. Our use of the lectionary is an organisational tool to make it easier for everyone to co-ordinate planning for any given Sunday.

For more information on the Lectionary see https://lectionary.library.vanderbilt.edu/ This website has recently added PowerPoint presentations slides that you may care to use. More about the lectionary later.

The Lectionary contains the readings for each Sunday and you can copy and paste them into your presentation software if you wish. This website has many useful other resources for setting up a presentation for worship such as Christian art and prayers.

Resources have traditionally been distributed on a physical DVD, prepared, packaged and mailed for every Sunday that the participating congregation requires. We make an exception for the five weeks from the first Sunday in September when we use a series called “Season of Creation”.

DVDs are still provided but are a less flexible form, as they need to be ordered well in advance, the content is fixed for each Sunday and much more expensive to produce. We encourage congregations to embrace the online option wherever they have the people to make good use of them. If you can prepare a PowerPoint presentation you can use the download option.

You can download and store any of these resources for as long as you wish.

Filming at the Centre for MInistry, North Parramatta
Adamstown Singers recording

Project Reconnect Online – An exciting new development!

Doug Hewitt and Lothar Nowak between takes

From late 2021 you will be able to select and download any messages, songs or other music from our expanding music catalogue at any time at no cost and keep them on file, along with all future messages. You will be able to select whatever messages YOU want for any Sunday. If you develop a preference for any of our presenters, you can even select their messages as they become available.

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