If you are new to Project Reconnect we suggest that you watch the How to” video by Rev Tom Stuart prior to the first service that you plan.

This page is to assist you to prepare a full service of Worship based on a typical service of the Uniting Church in Australia. It can be used by churches of any denomination to gather and use content for worship. It is not compulsory, but a source of assistance. We also produce an information sheet each Sunday.

Step 1 – Readings and Messages

Project Reconnect Resources are produced in accordance with the Revised Common Lectionary, which provides a series of weekly readings over three years (called years A, B and C – a total of 156 weeks over three years). The readings and messages are a good starting point. The Readings provide the biblical basis for the day’s worship. We provide a Message and an All Age Message based on the lectionary. The All Age messages are intended for younger church members, but don’t underestimate the value of the AllAge message for older members.

To access Readings and Messages:

CLICK HERE for a summary of the current Lectionary Readings as a printable pdf file. The Lectionary is a helpful guide if you are new to preparing services of worship.

CLICK HERE for a more detailed view of lectionary with readings online that can be copied and pasted into PowerPoint or other Presentation software

The 6 currently available Messages (sermons and All Age message) are posted on the home page

Step 2 – Other Content

Create or gather other worship content depending on the skills and experience in your congregation. You can use alternate links such as You Tube to suit your requirements

Video of Music and Messages can be downloaded and imported into PowerPoint or similar presentation software to give continuity to your worship.

  1. INFORMATION SHEETS – these are additional information with discussion starters, additional reading material, occasional profiles of presenters, suggested focus readings to support the Messages for the day and other comments on the readings or messages CLICK HERE to see a typical information sheet
  2. PRE-WORSHIP MUSIC (eg Lent Welcome)
  3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF COUNTRY This link may help you put together suitable words if you wish
  5. SONG – If you do not have have your own musician(s), SELECT A MUSIC VIDEO . The Uniting Church uses “Together in Song” (TIS) as its principal source of music for worship and songs on this website. There is also a “Harmony Edition” of TIS with a very useful cross referencing facility that allows you to more easily choose specific songs for your needs.
  6. PRAYER OF CONFESSION/WORDS OF ASSURANCE. You probably have prayer leaders with their own skill and experience in your congregation
  7. ALL AGE MESSAGE Last 6 messages available on the home page (previous messages currently unavailable)
  8. SONG – If you do not have have your own musician(s), SELECT A MUSIC VIDEO
  10. MESSAGE Last 6 messages are accessible on the home page (previous messages currently unavailable)
  11. DISCUSSION STARTERS – See information Sheets
  12. SONG If you do not have have your own musician(s), SELECT A MUSIC VIDEO
  16. HOLY COMMUNION (IF REQUIRED – see note below)
  17. SONG If you do not have have your own musician(s), SELECT A MUSIC VIDEO


Holy Communion is a recognised sacrament of the Uniting Church in Australia. Within our varied traditions in congregations, it is also called ‘The Eucharist‘ or ‘The Lord’s Supper‘. We believe in an open table, where any baptised believer in Christ is welcome.

The Uniting Church also allows a variety of forms for Eucharistic worship, while stipulating that certain essential features must be included. The published orders of service indicate a desire to accept reforms in liturgy which ecumenical study in recent times has recommended.

During the COVID Pandemic permission was given by the Uniting Church in Australia (UCA) to stream communion and it is recommended that individual congregations check with their Presbytery to ensure that this is acceptable.

Here is the to a RECORDED COMMUNION service of the Charlestown & Garden Suburb Congregation, with Rev Tom Stuart presiding.

A Good song for before communion is TIS 511 – “LET US BREAK BREAD TOGETHER” (Link TBA)