We do our best to provide the best possible audio-visual quality. Our messages are delivered by a different presenter each week and recorded by a number of volunteer camera operators in various locations under variable conditions. They are also used in different worship locations with widely varying audio equipment of various levels of sophistication.

If you have difficulty with any of our downloaded videos, please CLICK HERE and let us know the Sunday, and the projection equipment you are using. We will explore improvements at our end, and if we can, will assist you with downloads or management of video files


Downloading – select the download file size to suit worship space – minimum file size for small screen/personal viewing and maximum file size for large worship spaces. Large file sizes can start to fill up your computer storage.

Set up a special folder for storing your weekly downloads We suggest that you have three subfolders:

1. Messages (Sermons) – video (.mp4) and subtitle text files (.vvt)

2 All Age Messages – video (.mp4)

3, Miscellaneous – for animations, songs etc.

If you use extras such as animations, recorded songs, and the communion service in a special folder to make them easier to locate

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