3rd March 2024 (Year B Lent 3) “A Cleanup”

Here is a brief Lenten welcome video by Maria that you may like to have on your screen before and/or after worship. You can download it by clicking on the “Download” link below.

Are there some areas of our lives that there needs to be some ‘cleaning’ happen?

Get rid of the old stuff and look towards new opportunities.

Perhaps we need to look at things in a different light and listen out for what God is saying to us.

God through Jesus offers so much, he gives us choices.


The Israelite’s had been led out of Egypt to start a new life.

The God who led them out made it clear there was only one true God.

God’s love for us is the one true light for our journey today.

God’s laws keep us traveling in the right direction and his love never ceases.

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