28th July 2024 (Year B -Pentecost 10) “On Good Authority”

From a world point of view this is where Jesus peaks!  In a good movie, this is where the hero reaches out with compassion, turns to his friends for help, and then full of confidence – bingo, the action happens and everybody is satisfied!

However, Jesus is not the ‘big show person’ of a movie, but the servant with a humble heart, the only hope for this world.

This is the Majesty of the “Good News” – Jesus is the real deal King.


One day Jesus needed a big solution to a problem.  He looked around and spotted a small boy who was the solution!

Jesus gave thanks for the boy and the small things he had and asked God to use it, and with the help of his friends, the problem was solved! God likes us to work together on little things so big things grow!

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