21st July 2024 (Year B -Pentecost 9) “Were You Born in a Tent?”

Middle aged David decides to settle down and builds a great palace for himself – thinks he should build a great place for God to live in too.

The Lord speaks through Nathan to David, to tell him  that he is quite happy slumming it in a tent!

God stays with people who have not found a place to settle. God in a tent, actually wants the best for us!

David’s great, great grandson came, Jesus, and “the word became flesh and dwelt among us” – the promise of God for every season of our lives.


Historically the people in the bible lived in tents and everywhere they travelled they built a separate tent – tabernacle – for God.

This was where they imagined God resided so he could be with them. God was always on the move with them.

God is still on the move and goes with us wherever we go – be it tent or anywhere else!

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