14th July 2024 (Year B -Pentecost 8) “A Blessing in De-Spies”

These days we never know when or where we are being watched. Invisible cameras are appearing everywhere and some one is at the other end checking on us!

There is another invisible eye that watches over us because we have been chosen from the foundation of time.

For those who know His goodness, this invisible eye can be a source of Joy, Blessing and Encouragement.


Babies up until 12 months have brains that are still developing so they can play endlessly, the game called “Peekaboo”.

This is called Object Permanence. As we get older we have a hard time time trusting what we can’t see. LOVE and HOPE cannot be seen but we can still experience and trust the blessings that God brings – God’s love, God’s power, God’s forgiveness.

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