21st April 2024 (Year B – Easter B) “Her Feet Were Drenched With Dew!”

Mary goes to the tomb, the tomb is empty, a man appears, she hears her name, her heart explodes with joy!

She asks the smallest of mercies, but receives the greatest of gifts, an encounter with her friend, Messiah, Rabbi-nah!

She remembers the Good Shepherd. No other voice can define or limit who she is. She had to go and tell.

We were unable to edit the closed captions for this video – our apologies


Perseverance is something that is not always easy to exercise in what we do in life.

In James 1: 2 we learn that God blesses us when we do not give up when our faith is tested.

Jesus knew what it was to be tested – but through that we have a special relationship with God.

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