18th June 2023 (Year A – Pentecost 3) “Servant Lord – Servant People”

What good news do we proclaim? It will be different for every time and place.

But the common thread is we are ‘Servant People of our Servant Lord’ and our ‘Servantship’ must express the Mission of God – the way Christ lived and taught.


For those people who download the subtitles (closed captions), there is no need to do this from 4th June 2023 as we have already hard-coded them into the video. These videos can be directly imported into PowerPoint. This is a trial and we would appreciate your feedback on the benefits, or otherwise, of doing this. Any problems call 0409 347 616.


Things don’t always go as planned and we have bad days!

The Bible says, “God is bigger and more powerful than anything.”

Be surrounded by God at all times.

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