30th July 2023 (Year A – Pentecost 9) “Tiny Things with Great Impact”

What makes a nation powerful?  God said his kingdom is comparable to a mustard seed or yeast.

In God’s kingdom something seemingly insignificant can have a big impact.

A smile, a word, a short prayer or a random act of kindness could change lives.

Small things can have a big impact!


For those people who download the subtitles (closed captions), there is no need to do this from 4th June 2023 as we have already hard-coded them into the video. These videos can be directly imported into PowerPoint. This is a trial and we would appreciate your feedback on the benefits, or otherwise, of doing this. Any problems call 0409 347 616.


Our lives can be illustrated by growing beans!

We all are living beings and need water, food and air.

For Christians to grow their faith, they also need ‘the bread of life’, the Holy Spirit,

Stay close to God and his spirit and see how your faith grows.

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