20th August 2023 (Year A – Pentecost 12) “Tamar and Baruch – Talking about Jesus”

Discipleship beckons us to go to an uncertain future, question, consider and change our minds.

We’re called to live out our beliefs and put our ideals into practice and travel a ‘Jesus way’ every day.


For those people who download the subtitles (closed captions), there is no need to do this from 4th June 2023 as we have already hard-coded them into the video. These videos can be directly imported into PowerPoint. This is a trial and we would appreciate your feedback on the benefits, or otherwise, of doing this. Any problems call 0409 347 616.


Today’s reading raises issues for us and the way new residents see us and we see them.

We may be challenged to change our thinking, not be so judgemental but more inclusive as Jesus taught us.

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